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Looking for recommendations on what to fit on my exhaust . I have the central silencer which I am re packing but I am missing the "petaca" triangle shaped silencer off the end of my Lobito mk4 exhaust . Has anyone got any advise on a modern alternative that would look good and do the same job . Can't find many for sale and the ones that are are very expensive . Just need an extra silencer as to pass my ITV (spanish MOT) or would just the middle be enough ??? 

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My series 1 M49 Sherpa T uses a triangle muffler with top entry and I suspect it might be the same as would go on your Lobito. I bought a spanish-made aftermarket triangle muffler which looks great and makes it nice and quiet (and was expensive) but takes away a lot of performance. My bike is not road registered. I have repacked the mid muffler and I have used it without the triangle muffler for trials without a complaint.

Without the triangle muffler it would probably not pass the inspection for road rego here. I don't know how strict the inspection is in Spain.

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