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Newbie from northampton


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hi all,

just saying hi :) 

I've been riding & tuning street bikes for a couple of years now (all year round rider, no car) and recently got myself a lovely 2003 GasGas Contact TXT pro 280 since I've been feeling the mud calling.

I don't know if I'll be doing actual observed trials though npton does seem to have a club so seems a shame not to give it a go. I got it more because I wanted something light and agile for a bit of offroad/greenlaning, some urban exploration and improving my stunting without wrecking my main bike (which really didn't appreciate me taking it greenlaning!). Normal crossers all seemed a bit tall and heavy and "on the pipe" for my liking but when I stood on my GasGas the weight and everything just felt *right*, and I prefer the way the power is delivered too, so here I am.

I'm currently preparing all the bits to get her a full mot (not just a daytime one), and she's got one or two little issues I want to get sorted before the MOT too but then I plan to be out and about as much as possible. so excited \o/

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oh nice so is that just areas where I can muck about and learn by myself without worrying about getting chased off by ramblers? That would be very useful, thank you for the link. I don't use a car so I'll probably only be doing stuff I can ride to ;) 



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