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Honda TLM 250 R


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It´s been a while since i was here!

I just finished my rebuild of my new Honda Aircooled Mono TLM 250R (1988).

A quite rare Bike and it seems to be underrated in my opinion.

I was looking for an air-cooled mono and wanted to have a disk brake at least on the front. And i was in the mood for a japanese bike again.

A few days before christmas i bought this bike in really bad condition.

Parts are not easy to find, but when you get a little creative a lot is possible.

I managed to find a wössner piston of a 250 Rotax that was available in 74,50 and 75,00 sizes.

The main difference was the 18mm Piston Pin and a different shape to the dome.

Also there were no holes on the backside of the piston. So there was some work required.

Now the bike is almost finished, and i am very happy with the result. The bike feels very light while riding and has good power and a good throttle response.

I was thinking of taking off some flywheel weight when i first saw this heavy piece, but i think i will keep it that way.

cheers Bernie


So here´s the bike:



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