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TR20 1964/5 photos and help needed please


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I've inherited a very late TR20 (TR20 18**) that had been put in the back of a garage for 50 years, and then my father took it on. He unfortunately passed away having started the work and I need some help has I have no reference photos.


Some detail photos all over of an original/known good restoration of one of the later bikes would be extremely helpful. There have been some mods done over the years, and I just need to work out which of those was by the previous owner, and which by the factory.

In particular, 

  • How the original style footpegs are mounted - I believe I have the correct brackets and pegs, but I can't make them work. They're either bent, or have been bodged, or I'm being thick
  • Original front mudguard mounting stays and bridge. I have 2 short loops and one long, but I can't really work out if one of them is the bridge, or if that is missing, or if they're off a completely different bike
  • I have some peculiar cups at the top of the forks, rather than the tapered spring holders. Is this original?
  • Rear mudguard bracket
  • Front number board/numberplate
  • Cable runs

My bike has:

  • External spring heavyweight forks
  • Round speedo

Thanks in advance.



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Thanks for the message. There’s only limited info in Mike’s book. I did contact him recently, but he hasn’t got any more info. I’ve managed to track down a few period pics and articles, as well as the 4 stroke trials book, but there is fairly limited info in all of them.

Restoration  is progressing, but currently in hold for a house move. All tanks fully restored as original which I think will make it stand out.



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