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  1. I ended up riding with Fly Kinetic. A nice compromise. A good quality material with nice ventilation in various location. Only issue to watch out for us behind knees on the back of the pant is a mesh like material. I caught it on the pegs whilst sat waiting at a section which in turned caused a tear. That will teach me for sitting. Out with the darn.
  2. CJS

    Durable resole?

    😂 a cobbler, of course. Unfortunately I am one of those who does not look for an electrician, nor a plumber, nor a decorator, nor a bike mechanic. Self confessed pain in the a*se when it comes to doing it myself. I tried evo stick and it lasted a couple if trials before horrific conditions and the need to drag your bike about more than ride it resulted in a one sole separation. A re-glue and a baking in the sun a couple of days ago resulted in success at yesterday's event........mmm but how long for? I remember a two pack glue I bought once for a hot tub, now there's an idea. I feel plenty of life in these boots yet 😁 Tbc
  3. CJS

    Durable resole?

    The sole on my 25yr old Hebos is starting to come off. What do you guys use for sticking new soles on?
  4. I too ordered some Hebo pants and must admit they are a lot thinner than my winter cycling bib tights. Super flexible is a plus but for the price, north of £100 I don't feel value for money. I am thinking of trying Troy Lee Design BMX race pants, tight form fitting, only 10% lycra and tight at the calf so will 've comfy inside boot. Also they provide some abrasion resistance. Anybody tried them or other BMX race pants?
  5. Still got about 25 years left riding I hope 👴 Popped down to Sandpit Farm recently, met the owner (nice chap John) booked in for a run around, this weekend; Practice session booked - check Booked into trial - check Now where are those old scabby boots 😀
  6. Hi, I have bought a NGK BPR6EIX-11 as a spare for my 2017 TXT250 I think I made an error as I needed BPR6EIX, that's what is in the bike now. The 11 I believe relates to the electrode gap being 1.1mm where as if there is no number after the X it relates to a 0.7-0.8mm gap, see attached. My question is, can I not just adjust the gap myself? 0.3-0.4mm is not much to move the end tab earth that the spark jumps across to. Having just checked the manual 0.6-0.7mm is the gap required for my model. Thanks for your help.
  7. Time to revisit this pastime. 25 years on and I cannot remember why I sold my bike but looking forward to having some fun now I have another. Club join - check ACU join - check Bike bought - check Advice sought - check See you out there, I will be the one stalking you for advice and tips 😂
  8. CJS

    LTD edition

    Morning all I wonder, looking at some 4RT 2015 model era mods the Repsol seems to have some slight changes, carbon bits and the biggest change is the Showa suspension over the non race rep. But when I look at the 2018 Repsol model there seems to be no LTD edition plate on the frame. Did they just stop doing this run and is there any changes that won't be included as a result? Also are there any interweb sources you use for checking spec changes through the model years? Honda seems a bit hit and miss on the interweb Calling all you 4RT fans. But not the burnt out motor ones. LOL. Cheers
  9. Hi, first off, what a great site. I have been reading near a week and for me it's the go to place. However there is a chap round the corner I need to talk to.. So reaching the big five oh, ( I can't even look at the numbers LOL) I decided it's time to start doing more. Active up until now I have the urge to do some 2 wheeled motorsport while I still have time to improve. Back in the late 90's when I was young, dumb and full of...enthusiasm I bought a GasGas JTR370. It was my first trials bike and i weighed less than 60kg. Need I say more? I enjoyed puttering around in the nearby woods but don't recall any events. I do remember checking them out though. I fancy having a go now with time on my side, short term. I guess long term I have another five oh left. Owning Honda for years on the road and appreciating the build quality and reliability I am attracted to a Montesa 4RT. I like the idea of 4 stroke and I don't see myself outgrowing it. It will need to be second hand so I am not scared to scratch it but will be looked after. I enjoy tinkering. It seems such a welcoming site, I hope the scene in the country is the same. From what I read it's a very patient receptive group. Looking forward to doing it in Dorset. Cheers
  10. Hi Bob, I wonder if it was an attempt at T20M 5909 with a double hit on the 5. If so it would be a 1966/7 Mountain Cub. Good luck C
  11. Hi Chris try The Triumph Tiger Cub Bible by Mike Estall. Would love to see some more pics of the resto.
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