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Anybody know what part numbers 86-04-003/5 are?

Ian T

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In my model 49 parts book beside the front wheel spokes it has written in pen, probably by my dad: "use 86-04-003/5"

I think this might be because the rim he was using had a different ERD (effective rim diameter) to the standard one. Does anybody happen to know (or can look up) the spec for these part numbers. It should be spokes, and presumably there are two different angles for the inside and outside spokes.


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Ian -

I'm guessing here.........

Front spoke part no. 86.004-003-5  appears to be one of three different spokes - with a conical hub on a Mk. V Pursang.  

Model 49 with parallel hub - all 36 spokes are identical.


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They are both 3.6x230mm although the head or and the angle may be different, you’d think the part number would the same if there wasn’t any difference. That 86 number is the part number for m91/92 front inner spoke as well.

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Ok thanks to you both, much appreciated. The length is the same as the M49 spec ones then. I have the remains of the spokes I cut off (in another thread on here I cursed myself for not keeping any samples, lesson learnt...) so I can measure the angles.

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