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Motor Rebuild - Transmission Issue


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For a Covid project I completely disassembled my 1976 TY175 and rebuilt the motor with new bearings and seals as well as going through the rest of the bike. I had some concern with the transmission when I initially rebuilt the motor, and, when I put it all back together and started it up I was only able to locate first, second and neutral. I have the motor disassembled again and I am trying to figure out what I did to cause this to happen. Prior to initial disassemble the tranny was notchy but shifted through all six gears. Currently, I have the transmission mounted in the left-side cases. In attempting to rotate the shift drum I have difficulty getting through all the gears. I also tried rotating one of the shafts to assist in gear movement but still something does not seem quite right. The shift forks are in the correct order. The transmission itself was never taken apart. And there does not seem to be any missing washers. So, I'm just throwing this out there to see if anyone has had a similar experience and/or a suggestions to try something that I haven't thought of. Thanks,

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Upon further inspection it appears the last gear on the main shaft is making contact with the case. Also, the circlip at the end of the shaft appears to be touching the case as well (see indicated areas in photos.) This leads me to believe that there is a thrust washer missing that would rest against the gear and push everything on the shaft slightly away from the case. However, between the Haynes manual and online parts diagrams I see no indication of a thrust washer that would go there. Whats more, I also cannot find a reference to the roller bearing that sits in the case. So…



TY175-Main Shaft-1.jpg

TY175-Main Shaft-2.jpg

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