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  1. Or do you have a pressure washer it may have come off of?
  2. Had any repairs on your car recently? could it have dropped from your car?
  3. It looks a lot like a quick release clip such as one would find on a hydraulic hose that pushes into a hydraulic cylinder, I see similar on car clutch components etc, I can't think of anything on my Beta like that.
  4. Basic checks, compression, spark, fuel. You could have a wet wires issue, a component failure such as a fuel pump, You could remove the injector leave it plugged in, kick it and see if it squirts?
  5. You got heat expansion and contraction to contend with on basically a tube, for reliability get it machined and fit a liner.
  6. Designing a trials bike that needs a battery to start plus all the hassle of that just seems utterly mad to me.
  7. What do you find wrong with the as supplied shock?
  8. Clean out the carburettor jets. Make sure a good supply of fuel is reaching the carburettor.
  9. Single tone electrical horn of sufficient volume that can be operated easily from the normal riding position, that tester is an idiot.
  10. You could remove the wiring loom entirely and make your own loom to just run the ignition and a kill switch.
  11. Well you could ride that on an A2 licence, however at 32 years old you may as well do the full A licence, the tests are exactly the same, the training is exactly the same, the only difference being you need to be on a slightly bigger/powerful/weight bike for the A than the A2. Getting that licence is probably going to cost 500 to 600 quid.
  12. My Beta 300ss, insured with Hastings, fully comp, around 80 pounds last year.
  13. I'd sooner blow out a jet than pay out for an ecu or injector, or spend hours and hours troubleshooting a non start situation.
  14. misscrabstick


    Wow, sounds horrific, the dealer sounds horrific too, I suggest you contact the importer and TRS themselves.
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