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  1. I think if it's pulled through the first frame hole it'll keep going with sufficient force?
  2. Can you get the shock out of the way, then remove the swinging arm and use a bit of studding with one of those long nuts to push the bolt outwards ( pushing against the head of the bolt on the other side), then as it gets close to the back of the footrest hangar cut it, then push again and cut again if needed?
  3. Shorter levers will give you less leverage depending on where you pull, the further from the pivot point the finger the more leverage you get but the lever will move further at the point of finger contact.
  4. Might be that with thin pads the pistons were out far enough to tip a little to one side and jam slightly, with the rear brake you must make sure that with the pedal relaxed there is no pressure at all on the mcyl push rod, you need to be able to "rattle" the lever up and down a bit without it moving the pushrod, any pressure on it blocks the fluid return to the reservoir and binds the brake.
  5. misscrabstick

    Exhaust leak

    A smear of silicone gasket might help.
  6. I have had two strokes do this, remove exhaust, tip it out. It builds up over time, I used to find after riding my TY 250 on the road at higher speeds the oil in the system would get really hot and smoke like crazy even for a while after turning off the motor.
  7. My guess with the arm would be incorrect assy by someone, or perhaps something left out, it should be possible to tighten it without tightening, as for the bottoming out, is the shock the right one? or perhaps the linkages have been assembled incorrectly./
  8. A video would help to give any clue on the caliper.
  9. I think with the rear suspension, you are going to need to get the bike up and remove the rear wheel, then the shock and manually push and pull the swinging arm and linkages to check for binding, what you describe could be typical of a bent piston rod in the shock.
  10. My money would be on bad batteries, especially if they have been left flat for a long while.
  11. The only issue I see with lay off would be fuel going off, experience tells me that you'd be ok for a good six months or so minimum with it in a fuel tank.
  12. Or the previous owner ran it low on coolant via the bad rad and cooked the head gasket seals?
  13. Everything ok with a genuine battery? if so I would just send this one back, anything chinese can have some very bad build quality issues and even safety issues.
  14. First thing I would do is inspect the needle valve and float, sounds like it's flooding.
  15. Crank bearings generally whirrr when worn as well as freeplay, tapping noises tend to be piston/smallend/bigend related.
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