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  1. I have just bought a 2015 300 factory i dropped the gear oil and found it to be a thick grey gunk that virtually needed poking out, replaced the amount that had come out with gp10 as i have a few bottles left over and the plan was to ride yesterday then drop it again and get the crap out....but during the ride yesterday it is shoving clean oil out what looks like a crankcase vent to the right of the carb below the exhaust silencer? The bike is hunting like crazy and feels very lean especially on downhills my question is could it be the clutch side crank seal and can these be replaced without splitting the cases? Many thanks
  2. What year did the rims change on the gassers? I have just bought a 2011for playing about on and need a rear tyre dont want to get a irc if they not seal, i looked at a mitas but after reading on here i probably not bother
  3. andygranger

    GasGas Ranger

    Anyone had any experience of these for racing hare and hound events??
  4. I know this has been done a million times before but I cannot find any post's with a definitive answer just loads of arguing lol Doe's anyone have the Standard jetting/fuel screw/Float height settings for the Pro dellorto? Basically I bought my bike from a mate who's wallet listened to his mates more than his brain He was convinced that putting a Kehin on it would make him a better rider! I bought the bike off him rode it once and it felt and sounded lean as hell to me, with the bike came the original dellorto carb which I put on last night and tried, he swore the dellorto had not been touched but I had a packet of jets which makes me think he might of had a twiddle with it before taking it off!! The bike now rides ok but just want the original settings so I can set it up as new then go from there I can only find the float height measurement on GasGas uk's site 18.5mm?
  5. Anyone know where i can get the original tank graphic that goes around the fuel cap? Mine is like a kevlar looking think with txt on it
  6. Am i looking in the wrong places or a Rear mudguards for a sy 250 07 near on impossible to get hold of?????
  7. My newly purchased 07 250 has the dreaded water pump/clutch cover problem! I've ordered the bits and they'll be here tomos My question is....Which way round should the blue seal fit behind the impellor? To keep the water out of the oil(Spring in seal facing impellor) Or to keep the oil out of the water(Spring in seal facing gearbox) Mine is currently fitted so the spring is facing the impellor? I presume it is fitted this way as there will be more pressure coolant side than gearbox side? Cheers Andrew.
  8. I bought a 07 250 on thursday,Dropped the oil yesterday and it was manky Took it to bits and found the casing had holed at the side of the impellor http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn268/Tinkle88/securedownload.jpg
  9. andygranger

    05 280 pro

    Found one of these at the right money The question is will it be a bit wild for a trials newboy? Raced mx and enduro for years but fancy a trialer to play on aswell as my 200 ktm Not be competing.........i dont think just for playing mostly Cheers Andy.
  10. Just bought a 05 rev3 250 and the graphics on the tank are a bit shabby were can i get the original beta stickers from for the tank?
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