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  1. Any idea where I can get a touch up pot for the above folks? It's the standard Gas Gas red frame. Cheers, Paul
  2. What's the pitch of the standard fit chain folks? Need to order up some new joining links.
  3. pauldalgarno

    flywheel weight

    Putting on the weight slows the engine spinning up and slows it from losing speed, so it takes the edge off the engine and calms it. OK if you don't need immediate pick up and fast engine braking, but less useful if you need a punch to get up a step for example. However, it makes it much harder to stall in the slow stuff or if you back off the throttle, so if you're a relative beginner like me it might help there if you stall a lot. I had good advice when I started - if you stall a lot then firstly try a slow throttle tube, then add a flywheel weight if required. As you improve you can remove them in reverse order to help you get up steps, or double blip to get over obstacles. Not sure about the 2008, but my 2005 benefited from some Boysen reeds with re-jetting along with the carb mods described in this forum. Not much more than
  4. Sorry forgot to add it's a 2008 (2009 model year).
  5. Just swopped from a Beta Rev 3 250 to the Gas Gas as above. I'm in my 2nd year in Trials, so ordered up a slow throttle tube, and another member's sold me a flywheel weight for a good price, so it should calm it down to my needs initially. Anything else I need to adjust for best running, or things to look out for on this bike in general to keep it reliable folks?
  6. I've also done this with the exhaust flange on the cylinder head. Helicoils repair sets are excellent! A bodger's dream, but practice on something less valuable than a cylinder head, or fork leg first!
  7. Also, don't squeeze the brake lever while the caliper's off, you might pop the piston seals. I do it often, and it's annoying to have to bleed the brakes when you don't need to....
  8. Cheers folks, whipped the cover off and looked behind the impeller - wish I hadn't, it's riddled with holes Is there an anti-freeze that is non-corrosive for the new one? Looks like magnesium to me.
  9. Hi folks, As above I've got water in the gearbox oil of my Beta Rev 3 250 (2005). Changed the oil, but back again immediately. My thinking is it's probably a water pump seal, but thought I'd garner opinion before stripping it down. Bike runs OK, and no overheating, so I'm assuming it's not a cylinder head gasket or O-ring up the top end. Any other potential causes or advice? Cheers, Paul
  10. Looks like our next trial will be in the snow, as a 1st year rider what are the major tips for traction uphill, slow turns, and descents? Deep snow probably allows a lot of grip, but what about compacted snow, then icy stuff after a few riders have been through?
  11. Hi Folks, Problem resolved when I backfilled the system. It forced some fluid back into the reservoir and it was dirty. Now changed the fluid by beeding new on top of old and clutch now OK. Will put the fluid on a 6 monthly replacement schedule. Also had a good look around all the other points to rule things out - plates are flat, all parts are present and correct, etc. Thanks for the advice all! Paul
  12. Thanks everyone! I'll check out the easy things first, then move to the things to check by dismantling, then the expensive stuff. Off into the garage for the night! Paul
  13. Hi again Dan, Found a diagram here http://www.trialsport.com.au/beta/Parts/Re..._270%202004.pdf Assume you mean part number 142 on page 2? I didn't have the clutch pump off, can the bearing fall out even without me being in that part? Cheers, Paul
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