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  1. bsw

    Ty stalling

    Hello My 74ty 250 starts fine and will run for 10 minutes or so ok then when the throttle is opened it stalls like getting no fuel. Carb out and cleaned several times. Today it seemed to recover for a few moments when I pressed the choke. Vent pipe is not blocked New points and condensers, new crank seal on that one side only, must do clutch side next. Whats left ,carb rubbers or gaskets, reeds Had anyone this issue before.
  2. bsw

    Ty Flywheel Removal

    ISuccess at last, I was using correct flywheel extraction tool , there is no room for a bearing pullers. I took the bike to a engineering firm who i used to give work to ,they allowed me use of a set of gas bottles, acetylene is great to apply heat quickly in a specific area. Heat on ,flywheel tool on and a few heavy thumbs of a copper mallet it popped. Now off to find crank seals, UK is not an option for us now due to brexit. Does anyone have the seal number to hand, my bike is 1974 I think the seal is specific to that year ,double lip seal with 2 springs.
  3. bsw

    Ty Flywheel Removal

    Thanks for the replies, I have soaked in WD and using hammer treatment on the bolt but no budge. A small bit of heat on the shaft is my next plan.
  4. bsw

    Ty Flywheel Removal

    Hi all I am having trouble removing flywheel on 1974 TY250 , using the correct pullers time and patients but no budge. Any recommendations
  5. bsw

    TLR250R -1986 Model

    Sorry no manual just the bike
  6. bsw

    TLR250R -1986 Model

    I have one in the garage, how can I help
  7. bsw

    Seat / Tank unit

    How many of these frames broke I have heard the failed at the headstock, The welds on mine look good, smooth with no undercut. Mine was last out of the shed 4 years ago so it's not going to break in there.
  8. bsw

    Seat / Tank unit

    Thanks guys I had a look at shedworks website and it is probably the easiest option. My bike is a Ty175 with a Millar Hi Boy frame.
  9. bsw

    Seat / Tank unit

    Hi My Sammy Millar seat/fuel tank unit has failed. The bike has been sitting for a few years with some petrol in the tank which has broken down , there is loads of yellow sludge in the tank. The thread where the tap connects had loosened and is leaking. can this be repaired I would think I'd have to cut the base of the tank to repair fully.
  10. bsw

    long ride tank

    Hi Does the long ride fuel tank from the 02 to 08 model fit any of the newer Scorpa bikes or have they the repositioned the fuel tank like the Sherco.
  11. bsw

    Mid Exhaust Section

    Success by polishing the header pipe,reaming some off the rubber o-ring with a die grinder, and using various pieces of timber and a rubber mallet. There is no leak from the header and the old mid box I welded.
  12. bsw

    Mid Exhaust Section

    I am currently doing battle trying to install the mid exhaust section on an 04 Sy 250.I have 2 new rubber seals in the mid section. I have cleaned the header pipe with sand paper and greased both exhausts and still it refuses to go on. Any tips.
  13. http://www.yamahaty.com/tyusine/miller.html This is my Ty i purchased in Wales over 10 years ago. How many of these were built and by whom, When I called Sammy Miller a while back and quoted frame number they said it was not one of their frames.
  14. This is mine and any info on frame would be great,i believe its a Ramyam twin shock.
  15. bsw

    Tlr 250 R

    Hi where can i source an air filter for a tlr 250 R (mono shock),nothing on E Bay,
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