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TY175 Hard shifting and clutch endplay


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I have a 1976 TY175 with clutch and shifting problems. It shifts very hard: I cleaned and greased the shifter mechanism under the countershaft sprocket but it is still not the usual smooth shifting normally expected from a Yamaha. It has a hard "click" to shift.

The shaft that the clutch is mounted has considerable endplay. When you push/pull on the shaft there is about .030" movement. The clutch does not have a consistent engagement/disengagement.

How much endplay should I expect from a transmission shaft and could this be the problem with the stiff shifting?

I am under the gun here as I plan to ride next month at the Oklahoma AHRMA event. I am thinking that whoever last worked on the bike forgot a transmission shim. I am trying to vet all ideas before splitting the cases.

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