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1/2 way through and time to start a new


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Hi, first off, what a great site. I have been reading near a week and for me it's the go to place. However there is a chap round the corner I need to talk to..

So reaching the big five oh, ( I can't even look at the numbers LOL) I decided it's time to start doing more. Active up until now I have the urge to do some 2 wheeled motorsport while I still have time to improve.

Back in the late 90's when I was young, dumb and full of...enthusiasm I bought a GasGas JTR370. It was my first trials bike and i weighed less than 60kg. Need I say more? I enjoyed puttering around in the nearby woods but don't recall any events. I do remember checking them out though.

I fancy having a go now with time on my side, short term. I guess long term I have another five oh left. 

Owning Honda for years on the road and appreciating the build quality and reliability I am attracted to a Montesa 4RT. I like the idea of 4 stroke and I don't see myself outgrowing it. It will need to be second hand so I am not scared to scratch it but will be looked after. I enjoy tinkering.

It seems such a welcoming site, I hope the scene in the country is the same. From what I read it's a very patient receptive group.

Looking forward to doing it in Dorset. Cheers



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A good age to start I think! I've found everyone on here to be very helpful. Check out your local club - every body who does club trials seems to be really supportive and friendly. I'm still riding the easy routes after a few years since starting, but always finding little improvements (and still making rookie errors!!). That's the beauty of the sport - you can participate at any level. I am enjoying a 2010 beta 4T - If you buy a fairly modern bike, well looked after, you will spend more time riding and less tinkering, but the bikes are generally easy to work on and there is a wealth of knowledge from the other members on here to help if you need to. Good luck! Mark

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