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primary drive noise


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Hi, I'm relatively new to ownership of my Sherco 290 2009 model. I've sorted out a few teething problems in the first couple of months of ownership. I've noticed that the motor seems to be quite noisy from the clutch/primary drive area ??  The noise is a slight whine that starts when you begin to let out the clutch, and then continues as you're riding the bike. It's quite loud and sounds like a gear type whining, not a rumble of a bad bearing or similar. When you pull the clutch in it gets much quieter. I've changed the gearbox oil, the old stuff was a bit discolored but nothing too bad.

is this "normal" on these 290cc motors or something that needs investigation ?






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Only noise I've ever had in that area was from the rubber dampers in the clutch going hard & shrinking from old age, rebuilt & quiet again

If it's definitely a gear noise I'd suspect the kickstart idler gear 

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