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Bultaco m204125 recent score , 214 frontera trans gearing info

larry s. k.

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Just purchased early short block .. by what info bultaco listings  mf 1960 62 ? Engine numbers on engine m204125 ,  purchased 325,00 usd  . Just engine short block most complet  I saved from parts bin ,   Very similar to model 4 matador I have ,, it’s  155 ,  just before 200 , ,, some internet listings 2000.001 to 206.916 or 204.058  ,, think there was different models of 155 , there so old only old brochures , and few museum show bikes around , ,, there some in Spain for sale    Ho I concerning building 214 frontera  engine , , there no trans , , any recommend , close gearing , ratio, or maby pursang , have others will look through my boxes , , just picked frontera on fle bay a while a go  suprisling the crank shaft nice low milage rod , tight hardly any wob ,this is one of few last production frontera  with low numbers  like 200 hundreds , , there no listing of production models mf after certain date on some models , cheers 








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