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Help identifying this bike


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New to me Bultaco. I just registered it with a Bill of Sale (title was lost) and now I’m ready to buy some parts for it. I was under the impression it was a ‘73 Pursang 250 so I was looking up the model number and found that my frame I believe coincides with a 125cc model. The PO did the restore on it (replaced seals and gaskets and the ring, didn’t replace piston) and clearly knew what he was doing so I’m assuming the engine had been swapped for a 250 at some point, but how can I tell? Any help would be appreciated. 
Number on frame: B-10000131

Number on engine: M-68018557



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8 hours ago, Fogcity said:

Number on frame: B-10000131     

Number on engine: M-68018557  

Frame :    Model 100  125 Pursang  Mk. 6

Engine     Model  68   250 Pursang  Mk 4

Many components are shared throughout the 100/101/102/103/104 Pursang range. If it still has original Amal carb. this might provide a clue : 27mm. on the 125, 36mm. on 250.


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