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Introducing Graham from Newcastle


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Just to say Hi....just delivered yesterday is my 250 Sherpa. had a Miller High boy 250 back in the 90's and sold it to fund my road racing. bad move!!

Anyhoo, Iv got a frame number PM 15000445 and engine B 8002817, any ideas on the year and model?

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The engine is dated in the same way, as from the factory the engine and frame numbers matched, apart from the letter prefix, so your engine is from a 1971/72 bike. There is no difference in performance between this engine and the original engine. Apart from the clutch cover they look the same. There are however a few internal mechanical differences so it is important you give the engine number when ordering parts

I don't know about Avgas

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Thanks Woody, Been 35 years since I messed around with a "ring a ding" { 2 stroke}. lots of stupid questions to be answered!!!

looking forward to some fun days out and not to many engine strips!!


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