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Villiers Primaries Advice


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Hi. I’m embarking in my first Villiers project. This is a Francis Barnett with an 8E engine and 4 speed box. I’m after some advice on gearing and primary ratios, so here goes

- To begin with I’ll be using the standard clutch. I have though about lowering the primary ratio but figure that may introduce some clutch slip. Currently the ‘box of bits’ includes a clutch with 38t and a primary sprocket of 19t. Should I go lower than the 19t?

- Final drive I can go 13t/50t by looking at the Villiers Services shop. Do anyone have problems with chain issues using a 13t? 

- Final one, given the answers above is there any benefit in going low 2nd? Is there something available for the 8E 4-speeder or what I have to convert to a 9E layshaft

A lot there, so appreciate your assistance 

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If the gearbox is the Albion one, your options will probably be limited. For multilap closed circuit trials the 3 speed villiers box is probably better as it's narrower and you can change the ratios with parts from villiers services  Adapting to the later villiers 4-speed box is possible, but not easy

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I run a 9e clutch in my James J9 with an Albion 4speed box, the 9e clutch is a great improvement over the original, it was supplied by Paul Powell of Cotton Villiers services - very helpful.

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Thanks for your comments.  I’m not about to change the gearbox for a while as this one will be an occasional 2nd ride.

I was  just wondering if I drop the primaries ratio down whether I’d suffer some clutch slip. I can see that sprockets are available to go from the 20t to 15t. However when I did this in my Cub I did suffer a little.

The jury is still out on the clutch. I’ve seen the Yamaha conversion along with the 9E mods but before I swallow that pill I’d like to give the std set a try.

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