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Beta EVO weight distribution


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I haven't put it on the scales but I have the impression that the weight distribution of my 2013 EVO 300 is biased towards the rear. Sag and spring rates (stock on the front, uprated on the rear) seem good  but I need to push down about a foot in front of the lowest point of the frame to get the front and rear suspension working together. I'm tempted to drop the fork through the yokes by a few mm to put more weight on the front but, being a total novice I don't know if a bias towards the rear is considered a bad thing? Any thoughts?

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As long a you don’t go crazy dropping the yokes it shouldn’t be a problem. Just 2-3mm at a time. 

Where are your bars? Rolled back, centred or forward?

Don’t forget where you put your body weight is a huge factor. 

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I think I just learnt my lesson moving the bars.lol.

They where slightly forwards, so put them upright,it totally changed the handling, so going Back to slightly forwards. it was prob 15mm forwards.

Live and learn.

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