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Trials riding area's in southern Arizona ?


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Hello. I'm looking at possibly spending winters in southern Arizona and would like to find out if there are specific

area;s that are more trials focused. The plan would be to rent in an RV park and hopefully be able to ride near by.

Thanks for any input.

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I had a home for winters only south of Phoenix. Close to the border. The town is called Ajo.  I worked there approx october to april.  You need to know-  border areas are not safe to go riding alone there. As for the riding around Ajo, it was ok, everything that grows there has thorns, pulled out many of these -gloves-pants- ect.  these will cause flat tires real quick.  I was on a fast type dirt bike--  had couple days off over christmas- hammered out 2 good days of riding-  fast stuff. got a phone call sunday evening- it was my boss-  he asked, you been riding a green dirt bike- i answered yes- he asked -whats that on your back- i said- its a camel back h2o supply. boss said- you have every border agent in the yuma sector after you, there are under ground pressure decectors out there in desert, you were triggering them off so fast they thought you were some sorta military & cartel smugglers.  many people.   they thought.   well hell i thought, The head agent for yuma sector lived across the street from me-- He was home. I rode over there on the bike with my full gear on, knoked on his door, he answered-- i said i am your dope smuggler you folks are after, you know me, i live across the street-  I have been building apartments all winter for border patrol to live in. we both smiled at each other and it was settled. he did say--  damm you haul ass on that bike-  i said i will hang it out in 5-6th gear sometimes- keeps the bike up on top of the gravel-& sand washes.   I sold it -the home the next winter.  Might be better for you around Phoenix- north of it, less danger.  

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On a lighter note. I had a Roadrunner that would come into the house. I tossed little balls of hamburger to it. always caught them mid air !   A roadrunners skin is black. it gets cold in desert in winter nights, before sunset, Roadrunner would set on hood of warm truck- engine heat you know-  before sunset, the stream lined chicken - lol, would open its feathers up and let the solar warm up its skin. When content, Roadrunner would purr sorta like a house cat does. ! it was a kick in the ass to have this desert bird hanging around! kept the scorpions & snakes down too.. -   agan, its no longer safe in extreme southern az, The parks- organ pipe- south of Ajo & all the way to tuscon have warning signs posted on the paved highway warning about people & drug smugglers everywhere.  Beware from someone who has heard and seen horrable things that happen there. that is me. pardon spelling mistakes-------  Magnapoxy.

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Bri.   Southern  Arizona is a BIG place. Where are you thinking of spending winters in AZ ?  

Our trials group lives and rides in the greater Phoenix area.    PM me for more info   


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