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Cotton Mickmar


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I am doing research into the Cotton Mickmar project and am looking for a photo of the bike. I have this newspaper article with a of Eric Lee holding the frame he built for the Mickmar engine. I have been in touch with Michael Martin who made the engine and John Close who rode the bike for a season for the Cotton factory and they have no photos of the bike either. Any help would be much appreciated 


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Morning Matt...

 I will place the press cutting onto my web site for you as you have got in touch...

I am sure we all know the Mickmar story? but you are right.. this little bike seems to have gone missing... But did it ever leave the "Five" man CoTTon factory this is the crux of the matter... 

Another that got away I fear...

But we can try, we have had results before on here, and my site...

Have a good Christmas everyone...




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Hi Charlie,

Thank you I will keep a look in your site for the press cutting.

Well I know John Close who rode the Cotton mickmar for the Cotton factory and he seams to remember the bike being left at Talon mickmar in Yeovil.

Hopefully it is around somewhere

Mary Christmas

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