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Frontera 181 Carb


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Hi guys, after five Sherpa and Alpina finally got a 76 Frontera 370 model 181. it runs not very good at low normal revs, a little bit fat, as nd at 3500 or 4000 it starts wheeling, full power...original bing 36mm is fitted. Does it make sense to go with Dellorto to get it more smooth? Any experience? On my Sherpas dellorto 26 and 28 working well...7038C42B-0AAB-4D93-94AE-75B8C039630E.thumb.jpeg.eb9a93667b4450b79b933cacaa390218.jpeg

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If you want to invest in something really better working in terms of mixing air and fuel try a SmartCarb especially for MX or Enduro bikes. The manufacturer will adjust the carb to your Bultaco and then you never have to adjust the carb again. 

A Dellorto might be OK, I have a VST mounted to my KTM 500, it is a flat slide and I would suggest something similar but it will be a long and costly journey to get the carb proper adjusted. 

3rd Idea is a Mikuni or Keihin here I would ask the Bultaco MX riders in the US as there most of them uses these carbs or SmartCarb on their Pursangs.

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