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Vertigo leaks oil from clutch box


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Hi guys,

Does anyone have a problem with an oil leak in the clutch housing? I tried to add a sealed gasket (nural 60) but it lost oil again. Oil doesn't leak immediatly, it's a next day when I see a spoot in the floor.

By other hand, I sense that my clutch drags a bit when I have a gear engaged. I will try to change the position of clutch's plate to the number 2, it's recommended?

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Hi Ballisttic

When my Nitro was new I found that the clutch did not disengage cleanly, even after endless messing with lever positiont. I moved the ring to position 2, no improvement. So, I cleaned behind the spring plate under the adjustment ring as it collects swarf and stuff, went back to position 1 and just rode the bike. I would say it took 10 hours or so riding for the clutch to improve. I have since cleaned behind the plate again and the clutch is now great.

On the leakage front, no issues for me just take care with the gasket and ensure the case is located properly. Do you know for certain that oil is coming from the casing and is not collected by the bash plate at the drain point?

Good luck.


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