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Beta Rev 3 Wiring


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I am currently trying to build a Beta 270 Rev 3 from a box of bits. Alternator fitted to the bike is 6 pole. I do not have the matching CDI unit. In the box is a complete

Lionelli CDI/coil system. Can anyone advise me if it is possible to adapt one to the other. I can supply wiring details for the parts in question

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I'm not sure if this helps but there is an aftermarket CDI/ coil available for some years, 2003 to 2008.


I had one as a spare on a 2008 Rev 3 200.  It ran the same as the OEM ignition.  The bike is gone but I still have the spare.  The web site list the same part number for 200, 250 & 270.  



Another source



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