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Map Indicator Light


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The map indicator light has stopped working on my '21 ePure Race. It became erratic a little while ago but then recovered. Now it's completely dead. I've cleaned the connector contacts and smeared with dielectric grease, but no joy. Has anyone else had the problem? How did you fix it?

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Yes I had exactly the same symptoms as you.

Frankly, the handlebar switchgear on the 21’s is crap. My prediction is your map button will be the next to leave the chat, followed shortly after by your throttle. (Ask me how I know!)

I should have smelled a rat when the dealer gave me a couple of sandwich bags to tie over the handlebars on the slightly drizzly day I bought it after he saw I was trailering it home! (No joke). 

To fix I ended up shelling out for the newer style (‘22-on) combined map button and indicator light which in fairness does seem better quality and plugged straight in.

I did actually open the old map indicator light up to attempt a repair. Inside I found what appears to be a fairly generic RGB LED module (WS2812B), and I even ordered a pack of 10 of them off eBay for a fiver to solder a replacement iin. Unfortunately my map button had also given up before I got around to it, at which point so had I. So I relented, dropped my trousers, and got shafted for the EM part. (It’s probably not a viable repair job anyway, the design and sealing of the housing is the problem, letting moisture in to the LED module).

If it’s any consolation, you do get a ‘spare’ button you can use to enable regen braking if you don’t already have the optional lever. Although I found it a bit awkward to use because of where it is, and it won’t be ‘progressive’, just on/off. 

Just FYI, if (when) the time comes.you can also ‘upgrade’ to the newer Domino throttle in the same way. Although the original throttle is somewhat mechanically serviceable (mine needed a strip and clean to fix a binding issue), you just need to pay attention to clocking the throttle tube gear correctly to the potentiometer gear when reassembling, but I digress!

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This post had sunk so I forgot it and didn't update. I also have used a '22 command switch which I mounted upside-down. That puts the FRB button in a better place for my thumb, and I can live with the word 'map' being upside-down. I believe '23 switches are reversed from '22.

I've also just fitted a Domino throttle. I advances the potentiometer 2 teeth to remove the dead motion but it is a little bit too tight now, so getting it spot-on is still a work in progress.

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