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Looking at osets for trail

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So I'm looking to ride some local mountain bike trails and workout my working line German shepherd. Just discovered electric trials bikes today, and been looking at osets 20/24s. Would these bikes work for this purpose? I may try some light trialing, but what attracted me to these is they look like mountain bikes. There's no laws against electric bikes here on trails here in Kansas. but between the dog and the bike, I'm just not trying to attract to much attention so that people will complain. people generally don't care bout that kinda stuff around here anyways.


Any advice is appreciated!

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The OSET 24 is smaller than an adult size trials bike so is not as comfortable to ride for an adult-sized person as an adult-sized electric trials bike is.

Electric Motion trials bikes and free-ride bikes are adult sized and are popular. Google "electric motion trials" or "EM trials"

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Hello, Ive rode Oset 20r and 24r on some pretty steep and long trails and they are awesome, quiet, and maneuverable, Im 6'1 but they are still comfy to ride. Although you could do with a bigger gas trials bike, I would recommend for JUST Osets for trail riding don't get the 20r, get the 24r. Hope this helped.

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