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2018 280rr clutch feel


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Weird clutch issue I'm trying to solve on my rr. Lever is really light and the clutch feels lazy. If you rev it up and pop the clutch it doesn't slip, but doesn't give me the instant engament I'm used to. If I'm resting my finger on the lever and it gets pulled in the smallest amount the clutch disengages. I've replaced the clutch pack with a new one with no change. Today I installed the "hard" preload ring and the lever is still very light. Any advice is appreciated.

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Yeah, we had the same bike for two years and the clutch was always perfect. Have you tried a rebuid kit on the master cylinder yet? The finger height can make it light or heavy pull. It sounds more like the m/c are sticking or slow. Have you used the wrong fluid in the m/c ?

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