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Another new guy here!


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Hi All,

Thank you for allowing me to sign up to this forum.  I have been riding and racing (enduro's, MX and road racing) bikes a good part of my life but have just picked up my first trials bike.  I have gotten a bit older (75) and figure it is time to really learn how to ride a bike.  lol  I recently picked up a 2023 Gas Gas 300 TXT Racing.  I certainly will not be anywhere near the likes of Tony Bou but I am having fun.  I reside in the northeast area of the US.  I look forward to learning much from this forum.

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9 hours ago, trapezeartist said:

Wow! Someone starting older than me (albeit you have far more other bike experience than I had). Welcome to the club.

Thanks for the welcome.  Unfortunately, my experience isn't helping me.  The old bones are preventing me from doing what I used to do.  However, I am having a blast with the GG.  Still trying to master static balance.  That is not easy.  The pro's make it look like a walk in the park.  lol

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