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Hi. New rider in South Wales


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Hi everyone

My name is Matt, and I've got 25yrs of road bikes under my belt, but always wanted to have a go at trials. (used to compete at landrover trials). 

I bought a 2009 beta evo 250 this week with the help of a friend who is very into trials. First ride this afternoon, just up and down some parking spaces with a few steps. I love it! But wow is it different to a road bike. 

I'm a mechanic and a welder, so happy doing stuff on my own bike. (good job as it needs fork seals urgently) 

Based in Newport, my trial riding friend is over in Clevedon, so I would love to find some local people who are into trials. I'll be going over there so he can show me the ropes, but I want to be doing some proper practice, so ideally find somewhere more local, where I can meet some new friends! 

As a mechanic, always happy to help anyone local to me who wants to learn the spanners side of things, or use tools. 



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Welcome! I'm also just across the water from you (Portishead). Finding practice areas nearby is always difficult though I think there's one down towards Swansea, a long way for me but pretty handy for you. Gwent Classic run some good trials around Monmouth area, perfect for a beginner.

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