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Hi guys and girls I’m Ej and I’m  new to the forum and to trials riding does anyone have any pointers as I’ve just gone and got a gas gas tx270 to practice on 

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Hello, welcome to the forum.

I'm a beginner so not much help on things, but my instructor told me to practice balance and turning as much as possible, with the emphasis on proper technique.  It's very tempting just to blast around on the bike, but now I can clear some obstacles reliably, I've started to feel more like a trials rider.  My son and I got some cheap flags, so we mark out our own simply courses.  Maybe a small hill with some rocks on it and do laps of that, in one direction, then the other.  Stuff like that.  Trials is much more of a challenge if you use flags vs just riding about, especially if someone else sets them for you.

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