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CMA ATA - ARDEN Ontario Provincial TRIAL - JULY 16TH, 2023


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6 out of 9 planned sections are already set out, the rest will be ready by the end or the weekend, it's going to be serious hard if it rains but sections are wide so there are alternatives, if it's dry it will just be a regular Arden lol.  Loop is very short and close to the pits, the rest of the land is for practice and play.  I'm looking at 4 loops for all classes except Novice requiring only 3 loops.  Now for the most important announcement:  

Bring bug spray 🪰 it seems to work

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Event was a great success 👍 heavy rain just hours before the start turned topsoil into a slippery slimy mess which roughly doubled the scores, but results were well balanced across all rider classes and near predictable which means I must have done a good job setting up the sections 😎  thank-you to all riders and support workers that made it a great trial.

results can be found here: https://www.ataont.ca/ata-arden-trial-provisional-results-july-16th-2023/


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