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SWM TL clutch upgrade


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Hi all, new on here but have been looking at the thorny subject of SWM clutch upgrades on the TL models.

after pulling the clutch to bits several times and not being able to improve the standard set up i by chance got talking to Gary at Sportax Racing, he was able to supply the Aprilia type kit with 12mm ball bearings and also some standards generic to all motors, standards clutch springs. The springs are lighter than the 37mm ones fitted and also shorter at 33mm. The difference is massively noticeable ( just about one very strong finger😁). Apparently the 37mm springs are classed as heavy duty and due to their bulk when compressed, they can foul on the basket and posts. I also noted that on some of the friction plates, the material fouled the slots in the basket causing drag. This is easily cured with a bit of filing. The clutch is now drag free and far better to use, the 12mm ball kit also can be used on the 350 Jumbo and early fourstroke motors as well. Hope my first post on here is helpful. Oh and always use genuine Rotax crank seals,you really have to press them in compared to the push fit of some aftermarket ones👍 https://sportaxracing.co.uk/shop/clutch-kickstart/item-12-spring-239-625/

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Much of the issues with these SWM clutches is simply down to incorrect clutch lever and perch, decent cable correctly routed, proper set up, roughed up steel plates once they get old and polished and draggy. 

Need to be OE Domino, but they get broken and owners go cheap, then the bikes change hands and, well you know. My mate had a brand new Tl320 back in the day and the clutch action was a revelation after Spainish ones. 

Out of all the twinshocks I've owned my TL320 had the lightest pull and smoothest consistent operation of all of them, Sherpas, Cotas, Honda TL, Ossa, even my Beta Rev I kid you not. 


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