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What Yamaha dirt dike fork tubes fit the TY250A?


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17 hours ago, onefunride said:

What other Yamaha dirt bike fork tubes (not stanchions) are identical to the TY250A? I was thinking 74'/75' DT250 might be the same?

I would like to replace one of my fork tubes and it might be easier to source other Yamaha dirt bike tubes.


DT250 sliders of the same era will probably work apart from the lack of the mudguard mounts that make the TY250 sliders unique.

There are two different slider types on the TY250A. The earlier type has the drain screws on the sides and the later TY250A type has the drain screws at the rear of the sliders and are the same as the TY250 BCDE models fork sliders.

Which side are you chasing?

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The early type with the drain screw on the sides. Prior owner pounded in fork seals that were too large, I damaged the top lip removing one of the seals that was nearly welded in place. Shock still performs, but figured if it a dirt bike one fit it would be an easy winter job. I hadn't realized the TY250 forks were unique. Thank you.

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