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Clutch Breather


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I had never paid much attention to the breather tube on the clutch/primary drive case until today. While doing a bit of fettling I noticed that the oil was milky, so obviously I changed it. When I looked for a cause I spotted that the breather tube ended near the swing arm pivot. Well, last weekend I washed the bike after a trial by riding through some deepish water. The end of the tube would have been under water so I'm assuming it sucked up a bit of water then. I've no re-routed the pipe to finish near the spring top mount. Just a heads-up to anyone else to check it before they fill their clutch with mayonnaise.

And on a different (but related) note, what was the designer thinking of when he put two semi-captive nuts at the front of the engine plate where they are easily accessible but loose nuts and washers at the back where they are a swine to get at? 😡

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