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1986 TLR200 restoration in progress


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Been working for several months on this restoration. When I got the bike it was pretty rough, it had been sitting outdoors in boxes and was pretty rusty and person I bought it from had put it together , but not very well. I have rebuilt front forks, replaced rear shocks with OZO gas shocks for trials, replaced front rim, it was real rusty, replaced gas tank, it had rusted through bottom and person had epoxied the inside, yuck. Tank I put on was from Ebay and had light rust inside which was fixed with just plain old vinegar and some pea gravel and knocking out dents and a little Bondo. I just painted it factory Cortina white along with side covers, and purchased factory decals off of Amazon. I replaced front and rear sprockets and all control cables. I plan on painting the frame and engine (which odometer said it had only 3000 miles on it, runs strong, no smoke) rear swing arm and front fork  with factory colors. The alloy exhaust is DEP unit from the UK, sounds throaty, but not loud, nice! Seat was already re-covered by previous owner. I am retiring in a few months and plan on riding in vintage twin shock seniors events for fun. Only other thing I plan on doing right now is replace steel rims with gold anodized aluminum units and do foot peg lowering kit. I live on a small ranch in the mountains of Arizona so I have plenty of play area to ride and practice. I will post some more pictures when I get to the rest things I want to do to it. The TLR200 is light, the motor is torquey, and fun to ride!






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