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Ty175 Carby Probs


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I have just purchased 2x ty 175 c's they run ok with the choke pulled out but wont run with the choke in. Has any one out there have some helpfull tips they might share with me.The autolube is still connected to 1 of them and seems to work ok is it wise to leave it connected being so old i'd hate for it to stop working.Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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pilot jet is plugged up. When you add fueld from the enrichener (choke) circuit it runs,

since you just got them, assume they are an unknown situation. take it apart for a good cleaning. write down all the jet numbers, replace the o-ring on the bottom.

BTW, carb and parts about impossible to find. I was told that a 70's DT100 carb will fit. I have bought several on ebay cheap. 'The bodies appear identical. the jetting is way off. Floats, needles and seats appear the same. My intent is to move the jetting from old Ty carb to the Dt carb as necessary.


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