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Yamaha Ty 250

trials lad

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The TY is a good bike but of course it is getting a little old. The newer machines have much better performance and are easier to ride. When I switched from a TY to a 98 GasGas, I found a world of difference. The brakes especially helped me out on big downhills, they were so much stronger and easier to control. The riding position is also easier for a beginner on a newer bike, less hunched over than the old style machines.

That being said, the Yamahas are very reliable and have a very controllable type of power. They are certainly good enough to have fun on and learn some skills, so if your Dad's mate is on a tight budget and the price is good, it is worth considering.


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My dads mate wants to start trials and my dad has found a mint yamaha ty 250 im not sure what year it is early '90s probaly.Is this a good bike for a begginer?

Cheers danny

It's the best bike he'll ever get as a starter bike <_< the aircooled yam engine is as bullet proof as they get (more than can be said for some of the modern bikes)

I love em :D

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There's not a single section on a beginner route that the TY250 won't do. In fact there's not much they won't do, although undoubtedly the newer bikes are easier to ride.

My brother-in-law has a TY250. My father in law has an old Fergy tractor. When you start the Yam it sounds very similar to the Fergy (big knocking), but - it's been like that for three years and got no worse.

If this one's in good nick he shouldn't lose much money on it in a couple of years. Go for it I reckon.

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