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  1. So for bike 004 it has now had a basic and very sensitive rebuild, a bit of powder coating to Frame, hubs and barrel. new mudguards tyres, and that's about it. All alloy bits polished but I left the tank cover untouched as it would be hard to replicate it and lose the originality. I have put one new pic on and will get some more done soon
  2. Looks stunning, you did a great job from a few pictures. Only last week I stripped mine down, won't be to the same level obviously but it will refresh it. You may be able to help with a part I am trying to source, its the rubber cover that sits on top of the frame / fork crown, my is perished and needs replacing, any leads appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Kev Happy for you to come and have a look, I'm in Somerset. I will also post some close ups with dims for you and others to see. I take it you were the lucky one who picked up the one on ebay!
  4. Hi Mick I just posted some info about my Chapman (the one in the photo on trials central) any info gratefully recieved, engine and frame number 2K4-00400.k reg HWP 151X regards Colin
  5. The picture in the link is my bike. Frame and engine number 2k4-00400.K (according to v5) registered 05-01-82 on plate HWP151X. I got the bike in 1984 and I think its completly orignal. Like the other post its been in the garage for most of its life having done only 2 trials with me. It was owned by Philip Basford near Evesham for a while. It still starts up on 2,3 kick I am not interested in selling it, but happy to post some more photos if there is any interest.
  6. It was a trail bike as already posted but also the same frame and engine as used for the BSA Tracker. This bike was converted by Mick Chapman of Evesham motorcyles into a mono trials bike using the Yamaha DT 175 engine. See BSA Chapman on the TC Garage pages. I have the bike shown
  7. Got one of these sat in the garage. Its about 1982 gold wheels, blue tank with Evesham motorcycle details, red frame. I think it is probably an early prototype. I don't really want to sell it but happy to share some photo's. I also have a sales flyer and I think I still have the log book somewhere.