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  1. Jumbo's came with Betor forks and yokes 35mm on the earlier models and then 38mm on the later ones Ian
  2. Rider no 45 sure its Brett Haley ?
  3. Nice one Ross ...... Lol how did you know i had run out !!!
  4. Standard size 340mm , I had some 360mm on Jumbo 350 but bike looked too high at rear compared to 320 Jumbo (both work okay) Now running 350mm with hard springs on my Jumbo 350 , bike sits right and they work really well hope that helps
  5. Made my own plastic backing , covered in yellow and then the black decals added .......
  6. I have had a carb built by Eurocarb (Dellorto UK) for the Jumbo I had the same thing no such thing as the sx200 needle, I had to use a X2 needle, is that correct an X28 needle, if so I will get one ?
  7. Cheers Ross, had an idea it was a sock, will try In Motion
  8. Does anyone have any idea what they look like ? Or what to use instead ?
  9. I got the tank from Woody, put it on my 320 , the sandblasting was a great idea, tank and badges are still in very good condition,
  10. Motosing83 I have a tank just like that one ! like a dull rough finish and same badges? its not like my other two they are smooth.. ....
  11. Looks Really good, thinking of the same rear shocks for mine :-)
  12. Nice one , I know I have one side for sure, will have a look and send you an email , Jumbo ones crack all the time......
  13. Like the silver frame on the 320 Jumbo!!
  14. Some Jumbo ones would be nice??
  15. Looks good Ross, you should go into production !