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  1. Not sure until I place the order but somewhere between 235.00 to 285.00 USD for the piston and ring set. Let me know if you are interested. Also I am working on a stainless steel head pipe that is larger than stock.
  2. I located a place that will make pistons for my company for the TLM 260. Will anyone be interested in some? I have to buy 5 to get it done. Motoworx is my shop and specialize in aircooled trials bikes. Thanks!!
  3. I would be willing to buy a bigger box for my TLM if it comes up......The carb is a Keihin PWK 28mm. I have one on my 260 and makes a BIG difference.
  4. Looks great...another one with a different pipe and mid box than the stock one.....i'm jealous...lol.
  5. That one is very nice 4 stroke! I'm noticing bits on yours that are similar to the Narita special that i've seen in a mag. Not saying the same one but someone had done some work. Aluminum mid muffler, bigger head pipe, shelter/seat venting, same type muffler, CDI box moved to front downtube( which I noticed on Billy T's Pentax). Does it have a flatside carb?
  6. Thanks! I did spend quite a bit of time on it to get it right. I have to say i've since sold it to a good friend and trials rider and I still love the power and the TY front brake!
  7. Billy T: What was different with the Pentax one to cure that? Also I'm looking for a piston and ring set for mine? Know of any leads? Thanks!
  8. Tried to send a PM with a couple questions but no luck?
  9. Nice shots of you on the Pentax TLM Billy, Now i'm wondering if mine is a pentax model as it has a black pad for seat! Do you remember by chance on how to tell? Since you rode both bikes....your opinion?
  10. My TLR had 215cc high comp piston, ATC 200X head, xr 200 cam, degreed cam, different CDI (more low advance curve) etc......really quite powerful....i know it sounds oxy moron but yes. The Jumbo is together and riding it. It has good power too! much more meat to the bottom.
  11. The forks are from a 86' Yamaha TY 350 along with the front wheel and brake . The handle bar riser is different it comes in 2" rise and 3" rise. I am 6'5" with a bad back so I like my bars high! Makes for interesting steep steps....lol.
  12. That is a good review of both! What a great job on the build Tony... Both look superb! I would really like to have both and pick and choose which to ride on a given day but my wallet ( and wife) just might not like that considering I just built the Jumbo.....Maybe i'll be able to swing it later The TLR I rode last year was a great bike and truthfully had tons of power. Some event's I like 4T and Some I wished for 2T.
  13. Here is another pic, cleaned and rested.....
  14. Seems pretty one sided so far...I rode a Honda TLR 200 last year that was fully built and a Montesa 315r for my modern bike. So yes I like Honda but sold the TLR to close friend/competitor so this year my twin shock is a SWM 350TL. I only got to ride the TLM for 5 mins and it needed a little maint, so I shut it down. Here is a pic from last year on TLR
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