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  1. Updated on this; crank has been trued perfectly by a local engineer and the new piston and gaskets have arrived. Built most of it yesterday and putting the engine back in today! Pictures coming.. Thanks for the help lads!
  2. Thank you copemech, once again the help is much appreciated!
  3. Hello again Tony, I’m away from the garage but I took this picture today. Can you tell what it is from the picture?
  4. Hello,just in the last stages of my rebuild and ive been comparing what parts i had to what is on the parts catalog. Everything is order apart from i dont have reed valve spacers? Do i need them? When i bought the bike it never had them either i must add.
  5. Its settled fellas. Michelin X11 it is
  6. Its tyre time i want a good pair of tyres that are going to last me. Looking to learn for the forum members that must have gone through many a tyre!
  7. I’d like to see her Dad in one
  8. When i was getting into the sport i remember having a sherco one piece suit which was around 2005, seems like it was a few weeks ago but that was a long 12 years ago Do people still wear them? sell them ? have them ? Mink Man
  9. Yes,yes i did Sitting by the door at work waiting for the postman (or woman).
  10. Maybe just for the dark nights i could get something like this in a decent colour? Universal fit.
  11. Thanks for the the replies on this. I will keep looking for a suitable one that is usable hopefully something comes up
  12. Im looking for a front light for my 2005 sherco, they seem to be quite hard to find! Are they all the same fit from 99 right up to this year? And are they actually any good for riding at dusk, is it even worth having?
  13. Thanks for this again Jason,i should recieve the parts in the next few days and hopefully ill have the crank back by then! fingers crossed this weekend ill have it together again!
  14. Thanks MrTurtle, a great help. What torque setting did you use?
  15. Ordered my rebuild parts for my 2005 250cc sherco last night from splatshop and im trying to think ahead of which way im putting back together. Ive done engines in the past where i didnt need a crank pulling tool to get the crank back in. Has anyone got a tried and tested method to get the crank back in safley without damaging something? Mink_man