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  1. Langcourts all the way for sure mate, Ill second that. Whilst the crank is out,take it to a engineer to check that is still true after the lock up and the of it. They wont charge you much to make it true if its out.I rebuilt my full motor a few months back and had the crank trued as it was well out,runs like a dream now!
  2. Have you had the carb off and cleaned it recently? Sounds as though the fuel valve is staying open too long or not completley closing. Take the carb off and clean it out properly, inspect the fuel valve and the floats.
  3. Hey thank you for the advice! Can you link me to the German trials forum please, I can’t find it ?
  4. Real nice bike !
  5. I was there last week in the snow, it was good ride out! -1degrees. It was the last guestrider day of the season last week :/
  6. Do you train in winter? Ich habe ganz viele bock zu fahren!
  7. Hey,greeting also from Berlin! Where do you ride?
  8. Thank you both!
  9. I have 2005 sherco, ive notice a small hole on the underside of the flywheel cover, is it supposed to have a plug in it? a screw ? is it supposed to be there?
  10. Thank mate, that was the kind of detailed answer I was looking for. Have a great Sunday!
  11. I am so very drawn to the Pre 65 bikes class at the moment, the shapes and the nostalgia are just great. My question is why is there a specific demand for pre 65 ? what happened after 65 that people didnt like>?
  12. Both Nige.
  13. Update; All sorted eventually its with 1 to 2 mm true, looks fine when the wheel is spun. First time i have put a rear X11 on too, i can safely say the easiest and safest way is to take the valve stem out use 3 ratchet straps around the tyre equal distance apart. blow it up and as it takes onto the rim let the straps off.
  14. Thanks for the head ups on that craig,you were absolutely bang on! God them all free'd tonight. Ill start truing them tomrrow!
  15. Got the new tyres ordered and i want to true the back wheel especially because its well out of true. Anyone got some pearls of knowledge for me?