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  1. This is Ian, of OSET. I hope it's OK to respond to this. I'm well aware that when the bike is turned down, you have the 'dead zone' in the throttle. Then... on the 36v bike especially, you have quite a hard hit. The bike has so much torque it makes throttle control a little tricky for beginning riders. We recommend the 24v bike for beginners for this reason. Once you have the speed turned up all the way, the problem goes away, as throttle control gets better and the rider gets smoother. When you get there, the stock controller is really very smooth. We're experimenting all the time of course, so I thought I'd fill you in on an option that you might like. Oliver has two bikes on the go at the moment, so we can compare parts. On one bike he's running a Kelly KDS36100 - a 36v, 100 amp programmable controller. You can see it on the Kelly site at . It's listed in US dollars at a mere $69, which is about 40 quid-ish. It's a fantastic controller. I'd love to get them for production, but they will barely budge on the price even for mass orders. The controllers come from China, and to send to the States, they charge another $30 or so. I REALLY like this controller. It's small, so can fit in the same spot as the stock controller, is relatively easy to wire in, and best of all, is programmable from your laptop. You can set maximum current (torque), so you can calm the bike down as much as you like. It can be anywhere from pussycat to beast. You can also set the top speed. When you set to a lower speed, it doesn't have the dead zone at the start of the throttle movement. You can also choose how fast you want throttle response to be. On Oliver's other bike - the one he's been on for years, and the one he favors every time (it's his old friend) we've got a pretty crazy setup. We have a Kelly KDS48200 - up to 48v, 200 amps! It's happy to run at 36v as well. I've got a 48v lithium battery pack that weighs about 6lb's in there (only good for a few miles), or 36v NimH packs (dangerous but good). We can run either way. With the 48v pack at 200 amps, the bike was insane. It was un-rideable. The power was ridiculous. It was probably the best splatter bike ever built. We programmed down the current to 45%, which is still super powerful but where Oliver wants it to be. When we run the 36v packs, we set the current higher. The cool thing about running at 48v is that the top speed comes from the volts... and we're up about 20mph on that bike, so he could tackle some pretty big hill climbs with a good turn of speed. Sorry to be a little more expansive than needed! I hope that gives you some options. The stock set up is really smooth and nice once the rider can handle the full speed and develops good throttle control, but the 36v bike is not a beginner bike. The 24v is much more mellow, which is why we recommend that version for riders at earlier stages. Happy riding! Many Thanks! Ian.
  2. This is Ian... owner of OSET. I hope it's OK to reply to this. In brief, I decide where the bikes are sold, and which countries we sell to. We don't simply buy from a factory... we work to our designs with various factories and suppliers. There is not a demand for Trials bikes in China, and we'd have to worry about any sales there going to copycats. As a result, we don't sell in China at all. I hope that answers your question!
  3. It's all throttle control. If you look at the slo-mo bits you can see his fine throttle control to keep it up. He hasn't got the strength in his fingers yet to do 1 finger on the brake. I think that day will come soon... then look out! As soon as he gets that I think it'll be a short time until he gets some 'Raga' moves. He's always done wheelies... since he was 3 years old, so at 7, he's now a bit of a veteran. His wheelies up until recently have been lower, accelerating wheelies but now, he's hanging it up there. His 95' was really on only his second day of wanting to go and try some long wheelies. 95' for him is the equivalent of over 150' on a big bike. Next time we go, I think he'll crack 100'. I'll try to have my video camera with me again! I'm even more proud that he got second overall in the Colorado State adult Novice class this year. He was 1 series point off the overall win, which is an amazing achievement on a little bike with little wheels. 27 other riders took part, and Oliver missed some rounds while we were in the UK over the summer. At the final round he almost beat a USA ISDE team rider having her second competitive ride on a Gas Gas. He can hang with anyone on the technical stuff, but loses out on the loose climbs etc. So, after a long winded answer... yes, it's all throttle control! Ian the proud Daddy.
  4. Hey Patrick, This is Ian, of TrialsTV and OSET. I filmed a fair bit in Colorado. I think a fair bit from both days. I can't see me ever needing the footage to be honest. TrialsTV is totally on the backburner now we've got OSET going. Of course, I'd have to find the tape(s), which will be an achievement. If you email me at with your address, I'll see what I can dig up.
  5. This is Ian, of OSET. We'll be able to release some pictures of the newest prototypes soon. We are getting close to production now, and just have to deal with all the logistical issues now. Sorry if your email didn't get through. I check every day. I only have a couple of outstanding emails to respond to. We've been working on the bikes all weekend! Ian.
  6. I totally concur with Ishy, this was the best ever! I was lucky enough to follow the action on my bike, filming for TrialsTV, so managed to see perhaps more than anybody. Conditions were horrible for a lot of the event, but I just LOVED all the drama. I saw Dougie and bike underwater on Saturday, then Fuji last through section 9 before 9, 10 & 11 were shut on Sunday. Fuji was up to his chest in raging water, trying to stop his bike being swept away! I was only feet away from where Dougie landed from 20 feet up on 13 on loop 1. It was a HUGE crash. I thought for sure Dougie had a punctured a lung or broken ribs... his breathing was so laboured and wheezy. He only had 6 minutes to finish the loop. He came close to that, then went to post the best 2nd loop of anyone! The man is totally superhuman! Anyway, the event was drama all the way, and I can't wait to start on editing tomorrow.