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  1. I took those pics with my phone. At some point afterward, my wife saw them and was very curious as to what they were...
  2. They wanted me to attempt to use acetone to soften up the existing Caswell and then apply more. It appears pretty clear that it didn't adhere well in those places the first time around, so I'm not excited about the idea of adding more coating. I got tired of worrying about it and just coninued to use the VP fuel that I know works well, even though it is spendy. AVgas worked OK, but required more effort to get. The blisters have not changed in quite some time and everything is peachy. I suspect that I could use ethanol based fuel now since the coating is intact, but I know I'm good the way I'm going now and I don't feel like messing with the whole deal again. I ride a pretty good amount and spend about $30/month on fuel. I can live with that.
  3. I've been riding my 2002 SY250 for ~2.5 years now and it has always seemed a little on the loud side. It seems like it has gotten progressively worse but I haven't really paid it much attention. The silencer has never been apart and probably has no packing left. Doing a little digging about how to deal with that today, I learned of the somewhat common issue with the mid-box splitting. I took a look tonight and sure enough it is split at the rear, just above the seam. I don't think this is the "normal" place but it will be an easy fix. It's a small split so I'm curious to see how much of a difference it will make in sound and/or performance when fixed. Does the mid-box contain fiberglass packing like the silencer? The perforated metal interior suggests that it is, but I can't tell for sure. If I'm going to cut apart and repack the silencer, should I do the mid-box too, or just patch it up and call it a day? Thanks!
  5. Due to the impending storm, this has been postponed until 11/11/12. All other details remain the same. Hope to see you there!
  6. At past events, we've had adventure riders bring their bikes to our event and want to ride the loop to spectate. Previously this has not been possible but that has changed for this year. Adventure/Dual Sport riders will be able to ride a spectator loop that will get them to the sections for viewing. This loop will include off-road riding and will be only to/from the sections. The spectator loop will be adventure bike friendly. This is not to be confused with an off-road event and racing and other shenanigans will not be permitted. Riders choosing to take advantage of this will be asked to make a donation to the Ride for Kids program that supports the efforts of the Pediatric Brian Tumor Foundation. Note: Riders of sport bikes, standards & cruisers should content themselves with walking to the sections. Hope to see you there!
  7. When did you last confirm these prices? As you are surely painfully aware, the cost of fuel has skyrocketed recently. I have checked several local retailers and the prices are consistently high. When I first bought SEF94 last year it was something like $9/gallon but was $16 at last check (March). I just bought another 5 gallons of C9 last week and it's still $12/gal for a 5 gallon drum.
  8. Where are you finding VP for $8/gallon? I was at my local VP distributor today and SEF94 was just under $16/gallon. C9 (96 octane, unleaded, ethanol free) was $12.22/gallon. I did not ask about VP110 as I don't need the octane or lead but I'd be shocked if it was that much cheaper.
  9. I don't find it annoying to see spectators not checking. I think it's great that folks might want to come and watch and I don't see why they should be obligated to work. It was that kind of obligation that made my wife stop coming to events when I was roadracing. She wanted to enjoy the day, not work. Not everyone enjoys checking (I do). I also don't think it's alienating to force riders to check one event. Our club requires a rider to check one event to be considered for year end awards. It helps out with the last item quoted above. We still get plenty of riders who just come to the occasional event that don't check but for the most part we've been OK on checkers at events.
  10. Scorpa tanks are notorious for ethanol issues. A friend has one that was so bad he couldn't get through a tank of fuel without the particles of the deteriorating tank clogging the pilot jet. The guy at the airport rode trials in the past and was sympathetic. He suggested the same, indirectly. Thing is, I don't want to rely on a fuel source that is not consistent. Last thing I want is to adjust the jetting accordingly only to not be able to get fuel before an event.
  11. Classes for modern and vintage bikes. Great location for riders and spectators. Hope to see you there!
  12. I don't mean to sound dismissive, but I've exhausted all avenues that I've been able to think of in the last year or so. Marinas in the area have no ethanol-free fuel. No gas stations in the area do either. I do appreciate the suggestions. It's very, very frustrating. I had been using the VP stuff at $9/gallon for a good while but it recently jumped to $15/gallon which prompted me to try the Caswell.
  13. I just tried the local airport last week and they shut me down. No tail number, no fuel. I have friends who are able to get avgas from their local airports, so that is an option. I'm thinking that I'll either drive the hour each way to get avgas or go back to the VP SEF94 that I had been using. Going to try avgas first to see how it runs before I make the call. My main issue is not having fuel readily available if I need it in a pinch. That said, it's not really that hard to plan ahead.