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  1. mpnot being sharp, just not being a u in the bar if you know what i mean....richard or did i mean dick
  2. Are you really called ishy??? then names have got nowt to do with it as you seem to call me fudplucker, which is funny but i think maybe you meant it to be offensive ?? whats your point?? you disagree??? thats ok, but i am putting my point over. If you dont like it,explain yourself,,,,i might be bigger than you. If you are at them 2012 ,will meet you at the bar. You will know where that is as you know so much about things here. guns here..all else ok!! dave
  3. you are right there ishy, as you do not know if i own or allow acess to the ssdt or not...think before you type!!!
  4. nice bike....hope it not in ishys back yard...may shoot your tyres out or worse
  5. no, you got it all wrong.. its not private farm land, and most folk dont seem to bother up here about that///what do you call back yard....up here most land is "owned" but nobody really bothers if you ride it or not....and i would not bother you if i had any rights to land and you used it for riding your bike. we seem to be less obsructive here than anywhere else in the uk but i will not speak for are very uptight...someone steal your candy bar????
  6. i see you are struggling with your english, where are you from????
  7. hi 2/4 probably will just do that, but was curious to see how it could or should be wired into the bike a post on the ssdt forum about land acess and some guy in america thinks it ok to shoot me if i am on his land...trembling in my boots
  8. Again!!! this is what i am talking RIGHTS..not about land reform and people with making the rules....Everybody happy about fuel costs and the uk current state of affairs...If a law is made is it right??? Can beleive this ishy guy seems to agree with the highland clearances and acts of violence to get his own way...hope we dont see the likes of him over here "Look at this fudrucker, I just burned the naives out of this place " What is a naive??? any schooling here??? Should stay where he can shoot if he wants to. My point is the control of so much land owned by so little people, that cannot be enjoyed by the majority....what is so wrong about that, or is the world so selfish that it is dog eat dog. If we took ishys attitude there would be no ssdt and no people by the looks of it
  9. I ride these hill every day and as far as i am concerned the land is for everyone....remember people got thrown of land and out of their houses, lost their living, and everything burnt to the ground to give it to "landowners"...think on!!!! I had a official from the ssdt a couple of years ago telling me to get of the hill as i was not allowed to be on the ground??? I dont think so!!!! What a cheek...not local by the way, and i dont know who gave him the stripes. The world is for everyone, not just a few very selfish bullys. Make your own mind up....Doormat or equal member of the human race. I have made my mind up and will enjoy my week. Stand up for yourself or you will be trodden into the ground. Who is it that said "landownership is theft"????
  10. Good on you Simon... very worthwhile cause...cant think why the government choose to spend vast amount on arms and other silly things including themselves, sports ect and not on important issues like this. Even if every rider put in
  11. i had this trouble with a new back tyre on my yam xt600. Had to inflate to about 80psi to make it move, but i only had fairy liquid on it, so proper soap would be better. As pindie says, make sure its clean and then well soaped and bounce the wheel 360 semi inflated and try again. I left at 80psi overnight and it did creep into positon in the end, but it was very tight. One thing...if you do use fairy, when the bead pops, watch your eyes as it can really through the soap out at that pressure. Swearing at it helps too
  12. aye, its getting late and i'm scratching my head at this one as its not clear in the diagrams. i think it is AC and it would need a rectifier to go from AC to DC, so i dont think the regulator does this...if it is, then the horn would have to be AC. will see if dan looks at this one and can shed some light on it or will pm him, as he seems to have sussed out the wiring on the beta.....thats more than beta can do by the looks of it..
  13. that sounds right, so really everthing would need to go through the regulator to maintain the correct voltage...but is it AC or DC ????
  14. i had a look at it but when i take the pdf up to 125% it is then "clear as mud" and i cannot make out any of the writing, but it does look like the feed comes out of the stator/generator and goes up to the regulator, so heck knows what voltage comes out of the generator. So does the regulator take the voltage down to 12volt? and i wonder what the voltage is out of the generator. On dans description it looks like his lights ect was straight of the generator so would be at that voltage,,whatever that is. Wonder why the manual pdf is so crap its hard to read???
  15. i see you get a smaller whale one, CBRT5008 for about