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  1. John Lampkins no is 01535655970 regards.
  2. Hi guys, bike looks well smart, you can get a black radiator cover from Lampkins UK Beta only about £12 pound plus p&p
  3. evening people, because the weathers that bad i`ve had time to tinker with the clutch, as i said i had put in a shimm that made the gear change better, but still dragged and slipped, the size was 0.57mm shimm had some more made and put a 0.56mm in, tried the bike afterwards and so far so good, after a good half an hours riding was able to select gears still and no dragg or slipping,so you have to be very critical with what you do and i will change the oil more frequently, hope this will help in the future to any Beta owners,and maybe Beta will try and get it better.
  4. have tried different oil as in atf oil, no difference,have checked steel plates and there are some that are not completely flat so will get intouch with dealer, have also tried shimming behind clutch plate cover and tried some different sized shimms,there was one already on mine as ive been told the factory would of put it on from new,the shim fitted was 0.47mm i tried to double it up, it cured the dragging and gear selection but made the clutch slip execivelly, shimm was too much so put in a smaller one with origanal one so total thickness was 0.67,gear selection was good,but there was a slight dragg and clutch slip in 5th and 6th gear, will try another smaller shimm and see how that goes but any more idea`s are worth listening to thanks,
  5. Hello boys and girls, would like any idea`s on making my gear selection easier,i have a 2010 evo 290 when i have done a new oil change when the engine is cold the gear selection is spot on, but when the engine gets hot it finds a life of its own , and when your at the start of a section waiting to go in and it dosn`t want to go in to any gear unless you near enough have to jump on it or use a lump hammer on it, you start to lose your focus on the section and worry about the gears instead if anybody has had similar problems and able to rectify or make it easier would be good to hear thanks.