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  1. I've checked the plug gap and its correct and so is the plug type, we tested the resistance across the stator and there was none, did the same test on my dads evo and it read around 290 ohms. How can I test to see if the coil is faulty ?
  2. Afternoon all, the stator on my 11 evo 125 went at the last trial so I sent it off to get re wound. However after putting it back together it just will not start ! It splutters a bit and backfires but will not run. Any ideas what could be causing this ? Tried a new plug and kill switch but no improvement
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try the aluminuim tomorrow ! I cant get either the bearings or the steering shaft connected to the bottom yoke out of the frame though due to the seisure, so heating the shaft is a tad risky !
  4. The head bearings on my EVO need replacing but the inside shoulder of the top bearing is seized onto the shaft and will not budge ! We've tried hitting it with a hammer with a piece of wood inbetween to prevent damage, heating it and using a penetrating oil but it isn't going anywhere. And ideas as to where we can go from here ?
  5. Can anyone shed light on how to remove the wheel bearings from a 2011 EVO front wheel ? There is no lip on the central spacer to use to knock it through and i don't want to start damaging the hub trying to get the bearings out. Also what is the bearing code for the front bearings ? I was expecting 6004 2rs as in the rears but they are clearly a smaller size
  6. There are the odd few large steps but the trial is no-stop so nothing silly. The hardest parts are between sections where you quickly run out of energy. Also watch out for deep water
  7. The majority of sections aren't especially difficult there are just the odd few that require plenty of bravery, similar to hard course. Get a move on at the start or you will be queing for ages if someone gets stuck, but pace yourself throughout ! It's a fantastic trial at a great venue so enjoy it.
  8. Same thing happened to my 07 rev3 and it was just the shaft from the water pump that had somehow found its way to the drain plug without causing any damage, so check this first as its an easy fix that costs very little
  9. Hi all, any thoughts on which 2 stroke oil works best in an EVO ? Also does anyone have any experience of running super unleaded in an EVO? Thanks in advance.
  10. Rev 3's are fairly easy to re-pack. Use silent sport string packing if you can get it. Works really well as long as you don't pack it too tight.
  11. Hello, Was just wondering if I need to do any special preparation to my EVO 125 for the coming Mintex trial. I've heard something about changing the mixture in the past but I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance