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  1. Triumph 350 frame mods

    Has anyone any experience of shortening a triumph 3ta frame, by cutting 2" out the top tube. Any advice would be welcome. Ps i am not looking to change headstock angle.
  2. 35mm paioli forks

    I had a lightbulb moment of nicking my sons lovely paioli forks off his Beta 80 for a pre 65 project, thinking they were 35mm. No they are 38mm. Doh! The question is are there 35mm Paioli's available and if so what were they fitted to, so i can start searching the E
  3. Tiger cub Kickstart

    Bobs top dollar but may be the only way forward.
  4. Tiger cub Kickstart

    Tried Terry weedy he's out of stock for the foreseeable future.
  5. Tiger cub Kickstart

    Looking for a bendy end gear lever and a splined kickstart kit for a tiger cub.Any recommendations?
  6. Help! Bike size for 10yr old

    Big wheel 80 is still smaller than a full size bike.My 10yr old has had a big wheeled 80 for about 18 months, my 8 yr old rides a medium wheel. They are virtually identical in size and weight, (other than seat height, due to smaller wheels) Looking at your lad on your Scorpa. I think a big wheel is the way forward.
  7. Beta Rev 50 Alternative Piston.

    Thanks for the response. KTM engine is the same as the Beta minitrial (automatic). but not the geared Rev 50. I know Vertex pistons used to supply beta uk. I have emailed them but no joy.
  8. Beta Rev 50 Alternative Piston.

    Does anyone out there know of an alternative piston for my lads Beta rev 50, 2002 four speed. Beta uk say the piston is now obsolete. A big problem for any older rev 50 owners.