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  1. Sherpa 199a tank change

    Thanks for all the input guys... Looks like a later Alpina tank might be the best option, does anyone know what capacity they were. Thinking if they were over 2 gal that would do me...
  2. Sherpa 199a tank change

    Hi Chaps I'd like to do some dual sport events on my 199a, I did the Michaux PA. meeting last year, but could not complete it because I need an 80 mile range which my stock setup tank does not have. I'd really like to do it this year, it being the last one. Can anyone help, was there a larger Bultaco tank ever made, not sure there was. Has anyone ever come across this issue and solved it?? Anyone know a different larger tank that would fit? Any ideas/advice would be gratefully received!! TIA
  3. Model 199 Fuel tank capacity

    Hi Chaps Can anyone advise me here? I just entered the 2017 Michaux Dual Sport event, hoping to ride my 1978 Model 199 (assuming I can get my lights wired up!)... I rode this event last year on a DR400 which was fine, if not a bit hard work hauling 320lbs around. My question is, can anyone tell me how many miles I can expect to get out of 1 full tank of gas? The bike has no mods, still using original Bing carb. The course consists of a 59 mile loop in the morning, refuel, and a 48 mile loop in the afternoon. Can I make 59 mile on one tank? Or will I need to find a refuel location on route somewhere?? Any advice/ideas would be gratefully received... TIA
  4. 78 213 Alpina

    Woody, thanks for the really informative guide! What size are the original clutch basket nuts? M8x1.25 full hex nuts? If I replaced them with a set of jam/lock nuts, would they be thin enough? M8 nuts are 6.8 mm jam nuts are 4 mm...
  5. 199 plastic tanks and ethanol

    Is there a sealant product I could use to coat the inside like the stuff used to repair leaks in fiberglass tanks??
  6. Oil Weight

    Elf htx 740 is a bit thin on the ground over here in the colonies, going to see what Dexron does...
  7. 199 plastic tanks and ethanol

    Hi Chaps Another new owner question... Can anyone enlighten me, what is the problem with the plastic tanks and ethanol?? I'm pretty sure my 78 model 199 has a plastic thank that's been painted by the PO, I attach a pic FYI (can anyone confirm, is it plastic of fiberglass?). Not sure when it was painted, I was told it had not been used for the last 10 years, so I don't think the paint is recent. I have heard about the ethanol issue with paint and decals falling off due to the fumes migrating out. The reason for my question is I noticed a small blister on the tank yesterday had appeared... I did have 10% ethanol gas in there for about a week, but no longer, I can get non-ethanol fuel here which is what it has in it now. Is the new blister on my tank due to ethanol, or my paranoia! Is this problem that drastic? Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas?? TIA
  8. Oil Weight

    Thanks for the input guys, really informative. I'll stick some htx in and see what happens... I did read the Japanese clutch plate post which was also really good, something to think about later on I think...
  9. Oil Weight

    Hi Chaps, I acquired a model 199! I got it back from CA, better condition that I had thought it would be! Looked it over, oiled the cables etc. drained and refilled the oils (what there was of it, not much!) Runs really nice, clutch a bit draggy though, I put in 30 weight, as per the manual, was thinking, is there anything better, thinner perhaps TQF or would that be bad?? Any advice/ideas would be appreciated! TIA
  10. Model 199 weight

    Thanks Johnsandywhite!
  11. Model 199 weight

    Hi Chaps Anyone know the dry or wet weight of a model 199? I did a search here without success, learnt quite a bit about flywheel weight though! TIA...
  12. Sherpa lights

    Thanks model180, I had seen the Hugh's web site, but was looking to see if there are any other bits and pieces lurking about out there... I found some rear lights on ebay, but no suitable front yet...
  13. Sherpa lights

    Hi Chaps I have just brought a 78 model 199 Sherpa and need to equip it with some lights. I'm on the East coast of the US, can anyone point me in the right direction of some suitable copies/reproductions I'm really after everything, lights and loom/switches and resistor if possible... Thanks in advance.
  14. Bultaco model years

    Thanks for the input guys, I find model history of old bikes and cars really interesting, reasons for small changes etc. Got my first event April 2, can't wait to get it dirty!
  15. Bultaco model years

    Hello chaps I'm new to the forum, so please bear with me if my request has been done before! I'm just getting back into the sport after a 20 odd year rest, hoping to do some twin shock trials and dual sport events on a 1978 Bultaco Sherpa T model 199a. What I'm after is some history on the Bultaco 350/325 sherpas, model years, specs, major change dates etc. Do the vin numbers hold any details of build spec and dates etc.? Are there any useful web sites with model details? I know the much later model 199b was a 6 speed motor an had box section swing arm but don't know much more than that. When did the color change from red to blue? Did the tank seat units change over the models? How do you tell the model apart? The example I brought has the gear change on the right, they are supposed to be on the left?? I attach a pic for ref... Any help/ideas/advice would be gratefully received! TIA