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  1. M7 bleed screw forced into M6 caliper

    Hi, I am in the process of fixing up a 2003 sherco and the bleed screw at the rear brake is not the standard 6mm. It looks like a 7mm diameter bleed screw has been used, the small hole at the end of it has been crushed to an oval, and the tip looks knarled. I am struggling to bleed the brake. The assembly was working before the rebuild. How easy would it be to rethread the caliper to take a different bleed screw? thanks
  2. 290 shock identification

    Was told when I bought it it was an 06, just put the number in here,VNBS129TR3A012060 http://www.analogx.com/cgi-bin/cgivin.exe , and it is an 03 thanks pauls320
  3. 290 shock identification

    Hi, I thing I have a 2006 290 Sherco, the bottom bearing is finished, I ordered one and the new bearing is 26mm OD, the old bearing was 22mm OD. Is this not the original shock? The are no markings on the shock.
  4. big end woe

    Googling may not work for this one, "We dont do Sherco" is the reply from 3 businesses so far.
  5. big end woe

    Where in the UK will rebuild my crankshaft?
  6. big end woe

    I don't think there was contact with the head, it looks fine. The piston is scored and the cylinder has a wee mark.`
  7. big end woe

    the play is somewhere around 1mm up and down. will buy the kit.
  8. big end woe

    even if I buy a new bearing and the pin?
  9. big end woe

    Sherco 290 My cylinder is off to get replated. The conrod kit at £210 looks pricey if the conrod is ok. There is play at the big end, how would I know if the conrod is OK to reuse? thanks
  10. dellorto carb should there be an opening there?

    I had cut some nylon strands off the kitchen brush, so the poking was not very violent. What I have learned today is the Pilot hole in the carb does not go straight to the tube that sits in the reservoir, there is a wee dog leg. My bonus learning is not to leave the jet hanging by a few turns when it is in the kitchen to take a picture. Somewhere between the front door and the shed it unscrewed. Spent longer looking for the jet than cleaning the carb.
  11. dellorto carb should there be an opening there?

    thanks, I now know that when looking from the bottom it is the pilot jet that leads to the black bit. Will now have a dig on the link, ta
  12. Cleaning the carb today. There is a wee black circle above the hole for the main jet in the picture on the left. It is blocked, but maybe it is supposed to be. I have given it a gentle poke and it feels as if it should be there, but it could just be dirt jammed in. My finger is on the screw that leads to the black bit. It is a PHBL26 The bike has a good spark but is harder to start than it should be. Dirt or that is what it is supposed to be like? thanks
  13. Sherco 125 Cdi Unit

    I had a spark this morning, I went a wee spin. Later my friend went out on the bike and he said it was like the fuel had ran out. He gave it a kick, it ran for a bit then it happened again. When we got it home there was no spark. When I did the above test 1800 was the reading I got on both wires. Is this so high that I would get no spark? We went up a stream yesterday, but there was no water or wet look when I took the flywheel cover off.
  14. Replacing HT lead

    the silicone gasket was a bad move,it did not set, it is not supposed to. I cleaned it off and used some general kitchen silicone to glue the bits together. Started the bike tonight, running better. Now to fix the other things it needs.
  15. Replacing HT lead

    Yesterday I made it down 10mm and saw no sign of a spike. Today I turned down a piece of steel to fit in where the cable went and drilled it out , M3, and cut a rudimentary tooth in the end. Put my home made bit in a power drill and went down to 17mm from the top of the fitment in stages. 7mm of spike was visible. The was some white polished looking plastic at the bottom so I did not go further. It is now sitting in the shed with some silicone gasket holding the cable and the cover in place. Tomorrow I will put it back on and see if there is a spark again.