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  1. Yes thanks. Splatshop,Trialsuk, and another I forget still have them listed but of course they are long discontinued and they have no stock.
  2. Hi guys, I'd quite like a replacement wrap-round chain pad, new or good used, but so far can't find any available. I wonder if anyone knows an EU source I could try. Fallback plan is to utilise a piece of an old wheelie bin.?
  3. Thanks for that, yes it's probably not worth the bother. ?
  4. Hi, I'm sorting out a 1967 500 Triumph twin engine in a B25 type frame. There isn't a lot of room for messing about with the primary chain tensioner at the back of the chaincase. I've seen passing references to fitting a C15/B40 slipper type tensioner in the primary case but can't find any real info on this. Is this a possibility or an old wifes tale??.
  5. Many thanks guys, 2 options there, I really appreciate you taking the time to help.?
  6. Hi, I've been offered a nice 2005 290 Sherco needing a clutch slave cylinder overhaul kit, which it seems is NLA. Can anyone suggest a solution please?.
  7. One of the last 40 or so 340 Sherpas modified by Reg May with the oval swinging arm, etc. Now stripped for rebuild.
  8. Three hours including lunch !!!.But I did have a high-tech piece of bent wire. Incidentally, 30 years ago I grit blasted the entire chassis and running gear of a Se 5a Reliant Scimitar with this little pot. That was a super car but the 3litre Rover engine and a heavy right foot only gave about 20mpg.
  9. Wow, what an enormous amount of work you have put into that, both bikewise and writing -up wise. Thanks a million for sharing it. The pics I found previously showed the rear of the box cut off , but you have cut off the front, which seems much more sensible so I'll do it that way. Many thanks again for sharing this huge amount of fascinating and inspiring information. Best regards, George.
  10. That's the "attached helpful pic from Searay 175". "Should've gone to Specsavers !!!"
  11. Hello there, I cut a small piece out of the back of the box for a look-see and it is a real mess of packed solid gunge and carbon. I've seen the very helpful pics from Searay175 on 03/11/16 (attached) but can't quite figure out the best place to cut the rear end of the box. There doesn't seem to be a lot of space to cut between the outlet and the mounting bracket like he did and it looks like that would be a real pain to weld up again. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks a lot bondy, you're definitely the Bultaco forum guru.
  13. Hi there, Can some kind person tell me please, if there should be spacers of some kind between the top of the air box and the frame brackets. Regards, 340bulltaco.
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